Marta Martínez Carril

LandCare for the Future

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Marta Martínez Carril


Hi, my name is Marta. I am a graduate in Preschool Education and I did a Master’s in Outdoor Educational Activities in Santiago de Compostela University. I also participated in Landcare programme last year, which provided me the opportunity to work in the Environmental Education area.

My Landcare internship was developed in the Portuguese enterprise EDIA (Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva), where I was involved in the design of environmental education activities and materials for children and farmers. It was a rewarding and very didactic experience and I would like to share it with other students.

One aspect that I really value of this experience is to have shared it with professionals with different backgrounds because all of us have learnt from everyone by working together. The chance to share experiences and knowledge was very educational. So I invite all undergraduates, graduates or PhD students to participate in “LandCare for the future” and to share their own experience.