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Guidelines for the creation of audiovisual material for teaching
Justification of the training activity:
In recent years, there has been an increase in the creation of audiovisual materials that are used as a training resource in different teaching modalities. The elaboration of these types of materials requires that the teacher take into account didactic aspects and elements linked to audiovisual communication. This training activity helps participants develop skills that help with the preparation of the script and the staging of their materials to obtain quality educational resources.


- Familiarize with didactic aspects linked to the creation of audiovisual materials

- Learn to build materials taking into account the codes used by professionals in the audiovisual communication sector

- Experience the creation of audiovisual material

- Didactic elements that we must take into account in the creation of audiovisual resources

- The script and the realization of key aspects

- Guidelines for the construction of audiovisual educational material

Practical activity: Initiating recording of an audiovisual educational material
The training activity is fundamentally practical with the intention that attendees can start in the creation of their own audiovisual materials.
2 hours