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Design and implementation of a MOOC
Justification of the training activity:
A MOOC (massive open online course) is an educational resource that expands the possibilities of disseminating knowledge and extending training. With the completion of this course, teachers will become familiarized with the possibilities of MOOCs and acquire the necessary skills for their design and implementation.

- Understand the concept of MOOCs

- Identify the reasons that can help us decide if we want to create a MOOC

- Learn the didactic strategies necessary for the design and implementation of a MOOC  


- Design a MOOC

- Methodology of a MOOC

- Evaluation of a MOOC

- Teacher roles in a MOOC

Practical activity: Design of a MOOC
The training activity is divided into two distinct parts: first, a theoretical approach and then a practical approach in which we will perform the activities that allow us to start in the design of a MOOC.
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