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Pablo Ríos


Hi, my name is Pablo. I have a Bsc in Forestry Engineering and Natural Environment from the University of Santiago de Compostela. 

During my bachelor degree I studied and participated in restoration projects in Brazil, Finland, South Africa and Norway. I did my BSc thesis on ecological restoration in the Brazilian Amazon during a study exchange in Brazil. I can share this experience because “Landcare for the Future” has a student session -organized by students for students- at which we will be able to relate our experiences in the environmental restoration field.

The aim of the session to enable students to recount our personal and academic experiences on restoration. If you are an undergraduate, graduate or PhD student or you have just graduated, and you have participated in ecological restoration activities (internships, research projects, voluntary activities, …), you are invited to share your experience with other students at the “Landcare for the Future” conference.